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Legal Divorce Counseling

Visitation Rights | Custody | Place of Residence

Here to help

Welcome to Skilsmissebarnet

We are experts with more than 20 years of experience with family law and we know The State Administration (Familieretshuset), The Council of Appeal (familieretten) and local authorities from within.

We understand that when it comes to your children, everything is at stake. That is why we are there when you need us.

We offer

Counselling and Guidance

We support you through counselling and guidance regarding custody for children, visitation rights, place of residence and child support. You can talk with us about everything related to your separation and divorce. Nothing is too big or too small. We will help you with creating the necessary overview of your situation and your best options. We will create a tailor-made course of action with you.

Initially we can advise you over the phone, we have gained substantial experience with effective advisory over the phone. This provides you the flexibility to meet and invite others to join you. It can be a good idea to have a friend or a family member joining the meetings.

We offer 15 minutes dialogue free of charge. This provides you with an opportunity to test your situation and get a feel for how we could work together. We hear a little bit of your story and your expectations.

We help you with

Applications and Writing Letters

We will help with all written documentation in your situation. This could as an example be an application to the authorities, stakeholder consultation, a complaint, request to the local municipality or help with communication with the other parent.

A well written letter is important and have decisive importance in the case. We know how your situation is best described and how to present the facts to relevant authorities. This will ensure that your views and arguments are as explicit as needed.

Don't Go Alone

We will accompany you to the State Administration (Familieretshuset)

You should always consider a co-representative or assessor for all meetings in The State Administration (Familieretshuset) or other authorities. It is our experience that it is often hard to cover all the consequences of a meeting and ensure that all important facts are points of view are well transmitted in an orderly and constructive way. A lot is often at stake and it is easy to get carried away by emotions.

Better collaboration

Help to Reach a Common Agreement

Do you want to reach a solid and lasting agreement covering custody and residence for your children? Are you not that far apart and with a little help able to achieve the good agreement? We will help you achieve a joint agreement that is documented.

We help you ensure that the agreement is as watertight as the agreement reached in The State Administration (Familieretshuset). Furthermore we will ensure that the agreement covers birthdays, holidays and other important events. The agreement about custody will be as detailed as you need it to be.

It could also be comforting that meetings are joined by a certified psychologist. This can ensure the necessary focus on your children and we have a co-operation with a team of competent psychologists to support the case.

Affordable and Fair


We have a fixed price per hour at 2.400 DKK (incl. VAT). All work is carried out pre-paid. Our charge structure is not per hour, but for each block of 10 minutes started.

When you purchase time on our website it is automatically converted in to a voucher where 10 minutes is one block. This means each hour is 6 blocks of time. As a minimum you must purchase 1 hour, and if you purchase 5 hours in one go we will offer the 6th hour free of charge.

REMEMBER - We will refund unused blocks of time up to one year from purchase.

Who we are

About us

We are two highly engaged legal councillors with solid experience from Statsforvaltningen, local authorities and Ankestyrelsen. We have been working on the “other side of the table” in these cases and know how to work with the authorities for the benefit of your children.

We insist on keeping the children in focus and our mission is to keep conflicts under control. This we do by finding solutions that are workable both for children and the parents.

Need a no-obligation dialogue about your situation? Contact us